Just in time for the holidays, we often hear about real-life grinches out there looking to steal people's identity. And it turns out that in Florida, we are among the most vulnerable.

According to a new study from Wallethub.com, Florida ranks third in the nation when it comes to ID theft.

But inside the numbers are some even more disturbing statistics. The state is number one in identity theft complaints per capita.

Florida is also number one for fraud and other complaints per capita.

It can take months, and in some cases years to clear one's good name. It can also cost thousands of dollars.

In the most extreme cases, ID theft can also lead to serious problems getting loans or jobs.

And, if a crime is been committed using your identity, you may even find yourself on the wrong end of an arrest warrant.

Have you had a bad experience with ID theft? Feel free to share it with us and any advice you have that might help.