ORLANDO, Fla. -- The wife of the Pulse nightclub shooter made her first appearance Wednesday in an Orlando federal courtroom.

WKMG-TV in Orlando reported that Noor Salman, 31, was asked by the judge if she understood the charges brought against her. She replied in the affirmative.

Her attorney submitted her not guilty plea to the federal judge. She originally pleaded not guilty on January 17 when she was indicted on federal charges of aiding and abetting her husband and obstruction of justice.

Salman is accused of aiding Omar Mateen plan the June 12, 2016 mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub. The FBI is accusing her of not being truthful while being questioned during the shooting investigation.

She was brought into custody in California and was extradited to Florida last week. She will have another status hearing on April 20 and her trial will begin the week of June 5.

According to WKMG, Salman is being held in a general population facility but a source from the U.S. Marshal's Service did not reveal which prison.