BIRMINGHAM, Ala. --- A woman had a harrowing escape after a man robbed her at gunpoint and forced her into the back of her trunk.

CBS affiliate WIAT in Alabama reported Wednesday that the woman freed herself from her captor by jumping out of the trunk while the car was in motion.

Video surveillance from a gas station showed the woman popping the trunk, jumping out and running into the store to hide behind a counter.

According to WIAT, the unknown suspect approached the woman Tuesday night around 10:30 p.m. as she was walking to her apartment. The suspect pointed the gun at the victim and demanded money. When she said that she did not have money, the suspect forced her into the car.

That's when the suspect drove around the city and police said that it was likely that he was attempting to use the victim's ATM card to withdraw money while holding the victim hostage.

The suspect is still at large. WIAT reporter James McConatha posted this image of the man after he entered the gas station.