NEW YORK, NY -- A woman is suing the popular clothing store, Zara, after she says she found a dead mouse sewn into her dress.

According to court documents, Cailey Fiesel purchased two black dresses in July from the Zara store in Greenwich, Connecticut.

A few weeks later, when Fiesel wore one of the dresses for the first time to work she began to notice a "disturbingly pungent odor." She even got up from her desk and walked around in an attempt to escape the smell but wasn't able to.

Later in the day, Fiesel noticed the feeling a loose string from her dress rubbing against her leg and reached down to find it.

"To her utter shock and disbelief, as she ran her hand over the hem of the dress she felt an unusual bulge and suddenly realized that it was not a string that was rubbing against her leg but was instead a leg rubbing against her leg," the court documents say.

The leg was of a dead rodent.

Fiesel jumped out of her chair and was "paralyzed with fear," then ran to remove the dress.

The court documents say that she found a dead rodent sewn into the hem of her dress.

The lawsuit is suing for two causes of action relating to negligence and strict products liability. The documents say that Fiesel has suffered and continues to suffer "damages, personal injury and emotional distress."

Source: Supreme Court of the state of New York County of New York court documents

NBC Charlotte reached out to Zara USA for comment on this story but has not heard back.