Can you imagine being so angry that you burn the jersey of one of the players on your favorite football team?

Adam James did just that in a rage Sunday night after Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans sat out the national anthem to protest President Elect Donald Trump.

James went home, got his Evans jersey out of the closet, doused it in lighter fluid and lit it on fire inside his grill.

James says Mike Evans actions were not only immature, but selfish.

Here's the thing: There were hundreds of military heroes in the stadium for Veteran's appreciation day in a city with a large military population. That’s what made James so mad. He posted a video of him burning the jersey to social media, where he explained that his Father is a veteran, his Step Father is a veteran and Evans actions are intolerable.

Evans says he's ticked about President Elect Trump's victory, "How can a reality star be the next president? That's not a good look for America and I won't stand for someone I don't believe in," he said in a post game interview.

A lot of you, including James' wife, are applauding his decision to burn Evan's jersey, saying we all need to respect our military and our nation.

The Tampa Bay Bucs management is weighing in on Evan’s decision to sit out the national anthem writing, “We encourage all members of our organization to respectfully honor our flag during the playing of the National Anthem. We also recognize every individual's constitutional right to freedom of speech, which is crucial to the American principles we cherish."