TAMPA - We spoke to Clemson fans about their experience in town for the college football national title game.

“Everything was good,” said one, Ashley Benson-Jaja, visiting from Savannah.

“Tampa did it right,” said Torin Davies, another Clemson fan, from New York.

So we even tried asking the Alabama fans. One has been to four such national championships, so we figured he may be able to find something that went wrong here.

“Where would Tampa compare? I like Tampa’s atmosphere,” said Mike Corkrell, visiting from Alabama.

And it's those results that have Tampa officials looking towards the future and possibly another opportunity for hosting.

“Hopefully we do this again. I'm not sure we want to go for the Olympics, but we are going to continue to bid on this,” said mayor Bob Buckhorn.

And if you think officials aren't serious about hosting another college championship, consider this: cfpfirstsecond.com is up and running, letting the world know that Tampa is ready to be the first second-time host of the big game.

"We want it as soon as possible. 2021 would be the soonest,” says Rob Higgins, director of the Tampa Bay Sports Commission.