TAMPA —Cool, sunny, conditions with temperatures near 60 degrees at kickoff for Monday’s national championship game at Raymond James Stadium. Compared to the sleet and snow making its way across the southeast U.S., Tampa will be a tropical paradise for fans coming to town for the showdown.

It’s the weather leading up to the game that has some fans worried.

“Unfortunately, it’s not going to be easy for some folks to get down here,” says 10Weather meteorologist Bobby Deskins, who is calling for nearly six inches of snow in some areas.

Most major airlines have started posting advisories for passengers, warning of possible delays and cancelations at airports from Alabama through the Carolinas.

“My biggest concern right now is just getting to the airport,” says hardcore Clemson fan Beth Platovsky, who is flying to Tampa for Monday’s game. Her flight leaves Charlotte around the time when the snow is expected to be falling hardest, and knows her airport has had problems with snow causing delays.

“Maybe a half a day, to a day delay. I’m sure some flights have gotten canceled. I think for the most part they get things up and running fairly quickly,” says Platovsky.

She’s worried conditions for motorists might not be much better.

“A lot of our friends who are driving are leaving (Friday) instead of Saturday, trying to beat the weather,” she notes.

The same system dumping snow across the southeast U.S. will bring thunderstorms and windy conditions to Tampa Friday night into Saturday. There are questions about the weather’s impact on the many planned outdoor events and hospitality tents. Experts say most tents can handle winds up to 60 miles per hour as long as they’re properly anchored.

Game organizers haven’t yet said if any plans will be altered.