BLACKSBURG, Va. -- The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets swim team decided to make use of the snow and practice for its upcoming meets.

Stranded at Virginia Tech because of 4 to 5 inches of snow, the Yellow Jackets decided to swim a 4x100 individual medley. They dove into the snow, furiously completing each stroke in nothing but their team Speedos and swim caps.

Their time was an impressive 1:08. For comparison, the world record for the relay is 3:27.28. Unfortunately, the practice run in the snow won't count.

The Yellow Jackets were in town for a two-day meet that started on Thursday, but the second day was canceled due to the winter storm. The team wasn't able to leave because of the hazardous conditions. Swimmer Aidan Pastel, who posted the video, told 11Alive that the team hopes to be able to leave on Sunday.

Georgia Tech also posted the video on its Facebook page. Fans were upset, worrying that the team was going to get sick because of its "swim."

To that, Tech replied: "Yellow Jackets also have strong constitutions."

Check out the video:

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