If your child plays football, you'll want to pay close attention because thousands of helmets are being recalled.

This recall is for a popular football helmet used at schools across the country—a scary thought for parents who want their kids to be safe on the field.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission ordered the recall Wednesday for nearly 6,000 helmets because of the potential for head injuries.

They said the shells of helmets can crack, posing a risk to football players.

We called nine different school districts in our area asking them if the recalled Xenith helmet was in their equipment rooms.

Humble ISD was the only school district we spoke to that took immediate action about the helmet recall. Other school districts said they were looking into the issue or they don't use the helmets. (Photo: KHOU)

Six don't use these types of helmets.

  • Katy ISD told us they're looking more closely into the issue
  • Fort Bend ISD told us that two of their helmets will have to be replaced but those are the only two they know of·
  • Humble ISD is the only district to take immediate action

"Anytime they tell me anything about a recall, it's the same thing as a car. I know that things happen, but when we think about kids, your heart kind of drops a little bit," said Charles West, head football coach at Humble High School.

The manufacturers notified coaches here in Humble that 34 of their helmets were part of the recall and those helmets were immediately pulled from the equipment room.

"You don't want something to happen and it's something that should've been off his head or something like that," West said.

Dr. Kimberly Monday is a neurologist who says concussions are a serious public health concerns.

"Helmets don't prevent you absolutely from getting a concussion, but the last thing we want is a flawed helmet that might increase the chance of having a concussion," Monday said, who applauds Xenith for getting out in front of the issue by ordering the voluntary recall. "Any time a company shows transparency and acknowledges we have a problem and is willing to step up to the plate and say let's give you a new helmet, hats off to them."

The helmets were made or repurposed between 2015 and 2016. Xenith got reports of nearly 30 helmets cracking but no injuries were reported.