METAIRIE, La. -- The new nickname of the the AAA Miami Marlins team in New Orleans was revealed Tuesday evening -- Baby Cakes, according to WWL.

The new name was announced at the minor league facility at the sports complex on Airline Drive.

Social media weighed in quickly with WWL's Facebook and Twitter accounts almost unanimously panning the decision.

Of the first 90 reactions on Facebook, there wasn't a single like and there was a myriad of angry faces, laughter and wow.

Here are some of the reactions on social media that were safe to share:

#nola #zephyrs #babycakes #wtf #areyouserious #followyournola #visitnola #icant #cakebytheocean 😂😂😂😂

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Wtf were they thinking? #Zephyrs #BabyCakes #baseball #notmybaseballteam 😂😂😂

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