TAMPA, Fla. - Are you ready? Football is (nearly) back!

The Bucs hit the field next week. But before they head to training camp, a few of the players showed off their yoga moves to 10News anchor Allison Kropff, at a different type of camp.

Allison Kropff: People think yoga is calm and Namaste and very peaceful and that doesn't really align with football?

Cameron Brate: It provides balance. A little yin and yang if you will.

Adam Humphries: I think it's very beneficial for what we do. We do a lot of heavy lifting and explosive movements and it's good to get in here, take a breather and get into some deep stretches.

Brate: I actually ended up breaking my back last year and Ryan sat me down and said I do this yoga over at CAMP Monday and Wednesday, and I think it would be really helpful for you. I gave it a shot and I loved it, so I've come back ever since.

Kropff: Why did you start doing yoga?

Ryan Griffin: I think it’s good for my position. A lot of rotational stuff, you gotta be flexible.

Brate: He busted out a headstand today.

Kropff joined them for a class. It's not exactly "flow yoga." She didn't know there'd be hip hop music, it'd be fast paced and the room is 98 degrees.

Griffin: How'd you like the class?

Kropff: I liked it. It was hard. I think I'm going to be really sore.

Humphries: No. No you're going to be good. You're going to feel great.

Austin Johnson: For me, after we do yoga and go to practice the next day, or whenever we practice next, I always feel 10 times better than I did the day before.

Kropff: What are some of your favorite poses in yoga?

Johnson: Namaste (laughs)

Brate: Final resting pose. Once you can rest. Once the practice is over. Anything but chair pose.

Johnson: I can do full wheel. I'm pretty good at it.

Kropff: Are you?

Johnson: I can do it. I can get up for a couple seconds, then I come down.

Humphries: Child's pose.

Griffin: Upta-Vata-kanasana. I think it's chair pose actually.

They rip on each other and joke around.

Much like practice on the field, practice on the mat has made them better friends.

Brate: Usually when you go to a new city, like a new team, you have zero friends. At least I did, so you just look around the locker room to see who else doesn't have any friends. And then friendships form I guess?

Griffin: Every Tuesday guys are getting cut and guys are getting signed, so you'll have a guy come in. We actually hosted Thanksgiving at our place for the guys that are only there for a couple weeks because I know what it's like to be cut and not have tons of friends and not really have somewhere to go for Thanksgiving or Christmas. So we try and welcome in those guys.

With games just a few weeks away, there may less mat time, but they're looking forward to the season.

Humphries: I think it'll be a great year. OTA's have been going really good. Got a lot of play makers on offense. And a lot of good players on defense as well, so really excited to see what the season will be like.

Photos: Tampa Bay Bucs players do yoga

Editor's Note: 10News asked each of the players 10 questions too. We've provided their responses in their own writing below along with their responses typed in case you can't read the players' handwriting.

If you didn’t have your job, what would you do?

Brate: Hustle people playing basketball

Griffin: Skydive instructor

Humphries: Golf Pro

Johnson: Bow fisherman

What’s one thing on your bucket list?

Brate: Go to Europe

Griffin: Skydive

Humphries: Play Augusta

Johnson: Win a Super Bowl

What’s your favorite song?

Brate: The National Anthem

Griffin: “No Problems”

Humphries: Post Malone’s “No Flex”

Johnson: Jessie J’s “Who Are You”

What’s one item you can’t live without?

Brate: Pillow

Griffin: The internet

Humphries: Xbox

Johnson: Cell phone

Who is your role model?

Brate: Adam Humphries

Griffin: My dad

Humphries: Cam Brate

Johnson: My dad

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Brate: When people put dried fruit on savory dishes

Griffin: Chewing with your mouth open

Humphries: People not cleaning up after themselves

Johnson: Leaving your windshield wipers on when it’s not raining

What do you spend way too much money on?

Brate: UberEats

Griffin: Eating out

Humphries: Lululemon

Johnson: Shoes

What food could you not live without?

Brate: Sushi

Griffin: Avocado

Humphries: Fresh Kitchen

Johnson: Sushi

What’s one talent you wish you had?

Brate: A beautiful voice

Griffin: Singing

Humphries: {Ability to} play an instrument

Johnson: Dancer

What’s your favorite emoji?

Brate: ☝️

Griffin: I’m more of a GIF guy

Humphries: 🔥

Johnson: 😍