Adam James is still outraged over Tampa Bay Buccaneers' wide receiver Mike Evans sitting out during the national anthem to protest President-elect Donald Trump.

“I didn't think that was something engraved in the Buccaneer culture, and to see that it had happened was so shocking,” says James

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Evans addressed reporters after the game and stated that this election was a “joke.”

“I'm not a political person but I have common sense,” said Evans.

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Video of James setting Evans' jersey on fire has gone viral. He says he doesn’t regret it.

When asked if he would burn his jersey again, James replied, "Absolutely."

The Bucs game over the weekend was held to honor our military heroes for Veterans Appreciation Day.

That's what made James so mad. He has family that fought overseas.

“To do that right there in front of them, that was embarrassing. I was embarrassed to be a Bucs fan,” says James.

Veteran Robert Thompson says he put his life on the line for our country, so whether Evans likes the president elect or not, he shouldn’t have done that.

Reporter: "You've been a Bucs fan since day one. Are you hurt by his actions?"

“Yes, I found that very depressing and sad. It was the wrong time [and the] wrong day for him to do something like that,” says Thompson.

Christian Pachaco may not be a Bucs fan but says Evans had every right not to stand.

“If he doesn’t want to stand up, he doesn’t have to stand up,” says Pachaco.

Many of you wanted to know, did Evans even cast a ballot in this election.

10News WTSP did some digging and found out that Evans was registered to vote out of Galveston, Texas, where he is from, but it was not confirmed whether or not he showed up to the polls.

A picture Bucs' receiver Louis Murphy posted on his Instagram asks "Who voted? who didn't?" Evans replied "No."

"He's got 227,000 followers on Instagram. He could of been like let's go out there and do this together but he is doing nothing to solve the problem,” says James.