The Bucs are getting some more attention as they become the next team on HBO's "Hard Knocks," according to

The website site references Roy Cummings of in saying that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been selected to star in the popular training camp documentary.

The official announcement is expected Wednesday.

General manager Jason Licht believes he has the personalities on his roster to make Hard Knocks with the Buccaneers an engaging show.

"I’ve said it before, I feel good about our team and the maturity, especially for being a young group," Licht said recently, per the Tampa Bay Times. "I know we have some great personalities on our team starting with Jameis, Gerald (McCoy) –the list goes on and on, [linebacker] Kwon [Alexander]. The fans would get an inside look at how our team really is. I know that you guys get a better feel than most, but I think the fans would get a real inside look at how we operate, how the players are. In terms of being a distraction, I think we’re wired to where we would be able to minimize that. Dirk has been through it. Mike Smith has been through it and I’ve heard positive things from them."

Here are the previous teams to appear on 'Hard Knocks':


2001 Baltimore Ravens
2002 Dallas Cowboys
2007 Kansas City Chiefs
2008 Dallas Cowboys
2009 Cincinnati Bengals
2010 New York Jets
2012 Miami Dolphins
2013 Cincinnati Bengals
2014 Atlanta Falcons
2015 Houston Texans
2016 Los Angeles Rams