PUYALLUP, Wash. – Blayke Pribnow is a little swimmer making waves in Pierce County.

The 4-year-old competes – and regularly places – against swimmers twice his age.

“I am told he’s the youngest in the state to be competing,” said Blayke’s mom, Nalani.

“I have not seen a child that has this kind of passion,” said swim teacher Christi Hiltz. “There are a lot of kids that can swim, but they don’t swim with the technique that he has. His technique is good enough for competitive swimming."

Even though Blayke said his favorite swimmer is his mom, Nalani, she said she only swam in high school.

“I think it’s a natural gift,” she said, but added her son wants to learn more. “He will often times ask if we can watch Youtube videos of swimming."

Blayke already swims freestyle, backstroke, and even breaststroke.

“He’s decided, I think, that he wants to be an Olympian,” said Hiltz. “I hope he keeps going. I’d really like to see him stand up there some day.”