With every new iPhone update come some changes. But beware - the newest version of iOS 10 has at least two new settings that might allow a friend, or even a stranger, to use your phone without having to know your passcode.

First, if you hold the home button to call for Siri while your phone is locked, you can send a text without having to type your passcode. To turn that off, go to Settings, Siri and switch off “Access on Lock Screen.”

The next setting is similar, but has to do with Apple’s 3D Touch feature. That feature lets you pop into certain menus by pressing harder on your screen.

However, if you get a text message while your phone is locked, anyone can pick up your phone, pop into the message, type out a message and send it. Again, they wouldn’t need to know your passcode. To change that, go to your Touch ID & Passcode settings and turn off “Reply with Message.”

This third setting doesn’t really have to do with privacy; it’s just a little change that might annoy you. Previously, you could unlock your phone just by resting your finger on the home button. With the iOS 10 update, however, you have to actually press the button.

But you can change that back, too, by going to General, Accessibility, Home Button and switching on “Rest Finger to Open.”

This last setting isn’t new to iOS 10, but did you know your phone is tracking everywhere you go unless you tell it not to? It also keeps track of what time you were at a certain place and how long you spent there.

If you have an iPhone, go to Privacy, Location Services, System Services, then pick “Frequent Locations” and turn that off.

If you have an Android, go to your Location settings and turn off “Google Location History.” Just know that on an Android, this change might affect apps like Google maps.