TAMPA - Mobile payments technology is revolutionizing how we do business. With new ways to pay, including apps and mobile wallets, cash is becoming a thing of the past and millennials are on board.

Maddie Urso and her friends all use Apple Pay. They say it’s easier than more traditional payment methods.

“It’s just so much more convenient," she says. "It's all on your phone. You don't have to bring your purse or your wallet or anything. It's just all right there on your phone.”

With the touch of your finger (or entering a passcode) and the tap of a phone, mobile wallets make checkout faster.

Ginger Migliaro says she also feels more secure using mobile payment services.

“Bank of America and Chase have both sent me new credit cards within the past year because of the mobile fraud alerts so I feel just as fine with the phone,” she says.

Migliaro says she’s ditched paper money and. to an extent, plastic. She uses Apple Pay and other apps like PayPal to shop, buy movie or concert tickets, even get Starbucks coffee.

“I would use my phone for everything if I could.”

According to a Federal Reserve Board survey, 34% of 18- to 29-year-olds are using mobile payments technology. Retailers are trying to catch up.

Walmart already has some 20 million shoppers using its mobile payment system, Walmart Pay.

Peer-to-peer payment services like Google Wallet and Venmo process hundreds of millions of dollars a year without cash ever actually changing hands.

Teenagers say there is also a plus for parents.

“If you buy something, it goes to your parents’ phone and it'll say how much money you spent and where you spent it and what time you spent it, so they know everything,” said Urso.

It’s rumored that by Christmas you’ll be able to use Apple Pay to shop online. At checkout you won't have to enter your credit card number, expiration date or security code. Instead, your fingerprint or passcode would be the key.