SAN FRANCISCO – Infosys, one of the Indian companies that's drawn unwanted attention for its business model of hiring Indian engineers on H-1B visas and outsourcing their lower cost labor to U.S firms, now wants to hire American.

On Tuesday it plans to announce the opening of a 2,000-employee tech center in Indianapolis, Ind., with another 8,000 jobs for American IT workers in coming years.

The workers will mainly be computer scientists, engineers and programmers, CEO Vishal Sikka told USA TODAY.

The tech center will be located in Indianapolis and will open in August of this year. It will be fully staffed by 2021 and its workers will become part of Infosys’ global integrated workforce, Sikka said.

“We’re bringing in the best local talent and coupling that with the best global talent,” he said.

Indiana governor Eric Holcomb said he welcomed the company to the state's growing tech ecosystem.

“Our higher education institutions are producing a world-class workforce, establishing Indiana as the innovation hub of the Midwest. I look forward to working with Infosys to elevate Indiana to the next level,” he said.