TAMPA - Meet something new and a first of its kind for the Bay area.

Meet the ICON A-5.

“The wings fold and unfold in about 30 seconds,” says Kirk Hawkins, CEO of Icon Aircraft.

And it's ready for takeoff.

“You can fly with windows in or out,” says Hawkins.

“It’s highly simplified and very easy, and very safe,” says Hawkins.

It’s a two-seater amphibious aircraft, meaning it can land and take off on both land and water.

The ICON A-5 aircraft flying over Tampa Bay. WTSP

“The next 10 years of aviation will look a lot different than last 10 years,” says Hawkins.

His company started in California and chose Tampa as the first East Coast flight training center for the A-5. One of these planes costs around $250,000 and there’s already a wait list for the aircraft.

Which means if you want one, the estimated delivery date is 2020.

The company is hoping the popularity of the plane here takes flight and the future of flight will continue to take off.

You can get licensed to fly the aircraft at the training center located at Tampa's Peter O Knight airport.

The ICON A-5 aircraft in Tampa. WTSP

You can also rent the aircraft until it is available to own.

To learn more, visit the company's web site.