Early the morning of Tuesday, July 4, Kelly Knoll was headed home from work.

It was about 1 a.m. and he was driving on Loop 202 headed from Phoenix to Mesa, passing a car in the far-left lane just before the HOV lane.

Suddenly, headlights came into view and Knoll had another car headed at him, straight-on in his lane.

He swerved one lane to the right, just ahead of the car he'd passed, narrowly avoiding a crash.

Knoll reached out to 12 News Wednesday night with the video, saying he was still a bit shaken up from the hair-raising experience.

Scary as it was, Knoll's is far from a unique experience in Arizona. Earlier this year, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey said it was time for Arizona to "more seriously address" wrong-way driving.

Department of Public Safety data shows 2016 saw 1,729 reported wrong-way drivers and 2015 saw 1,104

The Arizona Department of Transportation said a new wrong-way alert system should be coming to the state by the end of the year.