TAMPA -- Millions of people are expected to travel this holiday season and that’s why 10News is taking your questions to a travel expert at AAA to make sure your experience doesn’t become another travel nightmare.

“First thing you want to do if there is a problem is contact the airline directly. Find out exactly what kind of things they’ll give you. Odds are they will find the best course of getting you to your destination,” says AAA spokesman, Mark Jenkins.

“The airline has to get you to your destination. The timeline on how long it takes getting there determines what they have to give you, whether it be vouchers, a hotel -- whatever case it may be.

Jenkins says there are some things passengers can research.

“That’s called the contract of carriage. That’s the fine print with what that particular airline offers because that can vary from airline to airline. Don’t be afraid to ask for anything really. It’s up to the airline what they pay for. If it’s weather, they're not required to put you up in a hotel because that's not their fault,” says Jenkins.

For a full refund, say there is an extended delay, you can call and ask for a refund. Depending on how long the delay was, you are entitled to a refund.

According to airline law, they can’t leave you on the tarmac for more than three hours.

For those traveling by car, there are things you can do to save time and money. There are apps out there including AAA’s app that shows you the price of gas nearby and approved auto repair shops in case you find yourself in need.