We’ve all been there.

You have a vacation coming up and you are trying to find the best deal.

But with all the websites and apps available, from Priceline, Kayak, to Hotwire, how do you know what you’re getting is a good buy?

“I love traveling,” says Jonathan Moreno, the son of a photojournalist at 10News and someone who has been to many places.

But like most college students, he’s on a budget.

“I’m always trying to make sure the trip is affordable,” says Moreno.

And that’s exactly what he found when he browsed upon Upside.com. The site books both your flight and hotel and then gives you a gift card in return.

“I went for one night and almost two full days. The trip was $187. Upside gave me $180 so my trip was 14 cents to go to (Washington, D.C.),” says Moreno.

And that's just one of many sites claiming to offer the lowest travel prices.

So how do you make sure you're finding the best possible value?

“Research is key,” says Christine Sarkis, senior editor with SmarterTravel.com. That’s why Sarkis says you have to do some digging before you book.

“Nearly any site can yield a good or bad fare. Finding great deals on site deals with leg work. Checking a couple of sites over and over a period of time. Then you can decide what is a good deal,” says Sarkis.

And there are some sites that Sarkis herself recommends.

“The thing I love about airfarewatchdog.com is two things: it covers all the airlines, and they send airfare alerts about seat availability,” says Sarkis.

She says other options include Google Flights and Hopper. And solid options for hotels include Kayak.com and Priceline.com.