A rabid raccoon was discovered in the north Lakeland area, and it led to the death of a cat and the quarantine of a dog for six months, the Polk County Sheriff's Office said.

On Monday, a resident on Gibson Shores Drive heard his pet cat screeching on the patio. Then his dogs started barking.

The resident opened the sliding glass door and found the cat severely injured. Then one of his dogs ran out of the door and chased a raccoon from the patio and attacked it.

The raccoon was ultimately killed by the homeowner.

The cat was taken to the veterinarian's office, where it was euthanized due to its injuries.

County animal officials took the raccoon for testing, and the State Laboratory reported Wednesday that the raccoon tested positive.

The dog had not been vaccinated, so it was put on a 180-day quarantine. The dog's owner was issued a citation for not having a valid tag when the quarantine was issued.

The dog received a rabies booster vaccine after the attack.

This is the second confirmed rabies case for Polk County this year. A rabid bat was found in southwest Lakeland on May 6.