Much ado was made about the infrared satellite image of Hurricane Matthew just before its landfall Tuesday in Haiti.

It looked like a skull. Others said it resembled some type of sinister character or a ghost.

The image drew all sorts of attention as people debated its authenticity. The NASA Earth Sciences Office took the photo, so it indeed was legit.

Meteorologists from The Weather Channel right down to WINK-TV in Fort Myers brought attention to the sighting, which clearly showed something abnormal in the radar loop. WINK meteorologist Matt Devitt even was featured Wednesday night on Inside Edition.

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And then, another monster was spotted in the radar Thursday evening. If you look closely at the image, is that a dinosaur sneering at South Beach?

Matthew's skull and dinosaur are intriguing, but they're not the first time Mother Nature has delivered a radar surprise inside a hurricane.

Flash back to October 2005, when Hurricane Wilma was barreling down on the coast of Southwest Florida.

NBC2's radar picked up an odd formation in the eye of Hurricane Wilma -- the number 2. Critics questioned its authenticity, but the two did appear live on radar.

Radar from NBC2 in Fort Myers picked up an odd formation in Wilma's large eye — the number 2. Of course, critics questioned the coincidence: NBC2's radar is the only one that picked up the "2" in Wilma's eye.

It was confirmed though, as viewers called the station to report what they had seen on live TV.

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