Cleaning up hurricane debris is sometimes easier than dealing with insurance claims for damage it causes, but one Plant City family is clearing debris, filing a claim and handling claims for others.

Like many, the cleanup continues for Pat Young. The sound of a generator came soon after another less welcome sound -- a hurricane.

“I heard and felt the ground and the house shake,” he said.

A tree came down in his family's front yard, and around the block, a downed power line is also one of Irma’s casualties. Crews in Plant City have not yet been able to repair it.

“We didn’t expect this," he said. "We thought South Tampa would take the worst of it.”

But the generator humming in the background isn’t powering air conditioning or lights. They're still burning candles.

The electricity is set up for hurricane victims hundreds of miles away.

“We’re dealing with massive flooding. Some of them have four or six feet of water in their home,” explained Pat's wife, Dee.

Dee Young is an insurance adjuster. She’s been working non-stop for claims in Houston after Hurricane Harvey. A fan sits next to her makeshift desk as she works on securing insurance claims -- while her own claim waits outside.

“I’m helping (Harvey victims) find a place to live or helping them out with additional living expenses because there’s so much devastation, they don’t have a place to live. So, we’re trying to find them a place to live or get them money until they can find a place to live,” she said.

When she finally does get to her own damage, at least Dee knows how to handle it, and she has advice for all of us: take pictures before you clean up, report damage promptly and be patient.

Also, be careful about choosing repair crews as some prey on hurricane victims.

“I haven’t been approached by a contractor yet. I can’t get one to my house to get me screwed,” Pat laughed.

Their hurricane insurance may not pay for this damage. There just isn’t enough to meet their deductible, but what they really want right now is to stop hearing their generator.

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