ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — People in the Shore Acres area of St. Petersburg spent hours lined up for their allotment of free sandbags from the city. The area is highly susceptible to flooding and with a monster storm potentially heading towards Florida, so many want to do whatever they can to protect their homes before having to evacuate.

But do you know the best way to stack sandbags?

We went to Lowe's Home Improvement for instructions on the most effective way to stack your bags to keep water out of your home.

Step 1: Place a sheet of plastic on the ground going a few feet up along the entire length of your door under where you plan to place your sandbags.

Step 2: Stack the first layer of bags tightly along the door slightly overlapping.

Step 3: At the end of your row take a half bag of sand or place one of your full bags perpendicular.

Step 4: Begin your second level of sand bags as though you were laying bricks, centering each bag of the second layer over the gap between each pair of bags on the first.

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