ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – No power was no problem for Northeast High School Culinary Academy students who improvised on the grill on Tuesday to cook warm meals for the community.

Within a few hours of posting to Facebook, the students said their high school bistro was packed with people looking for a warm meal after Hurricane Irma knocked out power to millions in Tampa Bay, including several hundred thousand in Pinellas County.

"We had food and… my grandfather always said, ‘What we have, everybody has,’ so I just brought it and made it for our community," said Curtis Serata, the academy chef instructor.

Because the academy also lost power, students were forced to improvise by using grills to cook the food, making everything from burgers to macaroni and cheese.

The staff wanted to use up the food to avoid having it go bad.

"Pretty much any food we had. It would've went to waste and it would be better if people had a warm meal," said culinary student Kris Kittidumrongkoll

Serata estimated they served about 100 meals over the course of Tuesday afternoon and said they also delivered meals to local police officers and firefighters.