While power is coming back on for most people, other challenges are starting to present themselves.

James Lawson, who lives in Pinellas County, went six days without power ­­­but even after getting electricity back he's still seeing issues.

“These houses have been filling up with mosquitos,” says Lawson.

But the bugs are nothing compared to having no food. Lawson says many in his mobile home park had to throw all their food away since they have no power to keep it cool.

“They've had to throw full refrigerators of food away, and just like us they're close to running out of money,” he says.

Down in Kenneth City, Cheryl Moser also dealing with the same issue -- no food and no power.

“The money is gone. The food is gone. No money to replace it,” says Moser.

We called Duke Energy to see what they can do. We were told they were sending a crew to Moser’s area but were faced with complex issues.

U.S. Rep. Charlie Crist said he's been working on getting additional funds for those on food stamps.

“I along with other members of Congress have sent a letter to Governor Rick Scott asking for additional food stamps to be distributed. So, we're hoping that will happen sooner than later,” says Crist.

FEMA is also providing help for those in need of food.

On their website disasterassistance.gov you can fill out a survey to get assistance.

In the meantime, people like Mirta and her husband Carlos are offering warm meals to those who need it, like Joey Brames, who hasn’t eaten a good meal since Sunday night.

“Hot food? Haven’t had some since before the storm,” says Brames.

Mirta said after watching a 10 News story about people in Kenneth City needing food, she needed to do something.

“It broke my heart. I'm just crying like a little girl. I told my husband please, let's go tomorrow,” says Mirta.

And she did. They fed nearly 200 people.

Another selfless neighbor helping those still without power.