As Hurricane Irma plowed through Florida, the Tampa Bay Area fared much better than expected.

But the damage in certain parts of the state was devastating, especially in the Florida Keys.

That prompted a Tampa woman to jump into action and help those down there struggling with a lack of water, food and lots of frustration.

Jessica Haim is from Key West and says she couldn't get in touch with family until days after the storm.

Once she was able to speak to her stepdad, he told her things are getting very bad. People are getting into fights and tensions are high. So, now she's pushing the hashtag: #caringforthekeys.

"It's hectic down there," she said.

On Facebook, she put a call out for everyone to help with monetary and physical donations, which will go 100 percent towards relief efforts.

"Important to note, although disaster relief services have officially landed in the Keys, we are looking to be an addition other than these task forces. This is because we have the ability to move quicker without red tape and get in the trenches direct and closer to people and their homes," she said.

"Remember - this is one way in, and one way out, many of our roads have been destroyed," she said.

To avert the issue of getting on the island, she's partnered with 10 pilots who will deliver the supplies they gather by landing at the Florida Keys/Marathon Airport.

Jessica is looking for about 200 volunteers and put out a list of items that could help:

"We need money for:
- fuel for the planes flying the items down for us
- Foods etc to feed wildlife without food in the keys (birds etc) to help
-gas to get to the keys to drive up and down the keys door to door to get supplies, food and water to people and search for pets + clean up (there is minimal gas in the keys)
-gas canisters
-extra food, water and supplies."

To reach her, she said to contact her directly: 305-360-2583 or go to the Go Fund Me page.

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