LAKELAND, Fla. (WTSP) -- Now that most of our area has power back, the out-of-state linemen who came to help are heading home.

They got a police escort through Lakeland Wednesday morning and a heroes' send-off.

People who work downtown lined the street to cheer for and thank them.

“I'm sure their families are going to be welcoming them home, just like we would if it was reversed,” Brenda Walter said.

However, not everyone's celebrating just yet. As of Wednesday morning, Philip Hulzebos was still waiting for power.

“I left this light switch on knowing that when I pulled into the subdivision, if that light was on, then I'd know that we had power,” he said, referring to a light in front of his house.

Fortunately for Hulzebos, some crews from North Carolina stuck around. They were working to get power back on for people on his street.

“I've joked with people that I'm going to run through the house and I'm going to turn on all the lights and leave them on for a while, just because I can,” he joked.

But when the lights finally came back on, all he wanted to do was sit and enjoy the air conditioning.

“That is a beautiful thing,” he said. “Excuse me, let me text my family.”

He sent them a picture of the illuminated lamp that was next to him.

“Look at that. We have power!” he said.

Lakeland Electric says all of their customers will have power back by Wednesday night. Duke Energy has about 2,000 without power in Polk at last check. They said most of those customers have to fix damage to their own property before they can get their power back.