SARASOTA, Fla. - The Bay area fared better from Hurricane Irma than our neighbors did to the south, leaving us with extra hurricane supplies from soup cans, jars of peanut butter to water jugs.

Sure, you can use all of the excess over time but our neighbors down south in Ft. Myers, Naples Marco Island they need it now.

A Sarasota father and son and a local business have partnered to help you help our neighbors down south.

“We started with nothing now it’s almost full,” says Kevin Angell.

He and his son Christopher are waiting on a second trailer and possibly a third.

“Between 10 and 12, we had a line (of) 50 cars come through after word got out on social media.”

Angell posted on Facebook less than 24 hours ago he’d be collecting items on Clark Road in front of Dominick’s Blinds and Décor, and that’s how Dustin Keith and Tanya Ferris heard about it.

“We were blessed it took a hard right Sarasota was spared. I could use it eventually, but there are people south need it more we do,” says Keith.

Ferris survived Hurricane Charley in 2004. She spent 5fivedays without power.

“I know what it’s like to be stuck and not be able to get out, and worry that you can’t cook for kids hungry stuck inside. You're hot, you’re scared, you don’t know what time will bring. If we can do something this is simple and can make a difference in a life, we are lucky enough to do that,” she says.

Angell came up with the donation idea when he went to Southwest Florida to help out the day after Hurricane Irma barreled through.

He says, “Just like everybody here is helping each other, it's important to look out everybody in the community including those further south.”

Angell's 13-year-old son Christopher is helping too.

“If you help … people will help someone else it’s a chain effect,” he says.

The Angells will stay here until 6 tonight in front of Dominick’s Blinds and Décor at 4540 Clark Road. He’ll be taking the trailer filled with supplies down to the Fort Myers area Thursday morning.

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