A lot of Bay area residents are talking about Hurricane Matthew on social media, asking if they should be concerned or if it’s nothing to worry about.

Gov. Rick Scott declared a state of emergency Monday and provided several updates Tuesday.
"We should not focus on the exact track of #Matthew right now,” one of his tweets said. “A small deviation could mean a catastrophic change along Florida's east coast."

Matthew has already hit Haiti hard. We’re not expecting that sort of impact, but it's important to remember things can change.

10Weather meteorologist Bobby Deskins explained that the models change on a regular basis. Late last week, Matthew wasn’t supposed to hit Florida at all. Now, it looks like a real possibility.

“Looking out three, four and five days, the models are going to change, so if you're prepared now, you'll be prepared if it does get closer to you,” Deskins advised.

Deskins said it’s important to monitor the storm, even if it doesn’t look like it will affect your area.

“At least stay weather-aware, stay informed, because there may be a time when it's going to affect you and you do need to take it seriously, and you want to be prepared just in case that happens,” he said.