TAMPA -- Another week, another weather delay at Raymond James Stadium.

This one held up the Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Denver Broncos game for almost 90 minutes Sunday as an intense thunderstorm moved through.

And the delay left some fans upset.

One posted to Facebook: "Would you believe we are under a lightning delay at the Broncos-Buccaneers game?"

The second disruption in a week (the first occurred the previous Sunday, while the Bucs were hosting the Los Angeles Rams) was a bit much for fans - and even former Bucs players - to stomach:

Many fans poked fun at the delay, but it's important to remember that not taking lightning seriously can be deadly.

According to the National Weather Service, there have already been 36 U.S. lightning deaths in 2016.

Here's some places people were struck locally:

In June of last year, a retired U.S. diplomat was walking along Egret Drive in Largo, steps away from his home, when lightning struck him dead.

This summer on Clearwater Beach, two North Carolina teens were running to beat a storm when they were hit by lightning.

A woman in Sarasota took shelter under a pavilion at a park, which was enough to save her life after a strike.

People have also been hit while walking their dogs, while underneath trees and while on top of their homes working on the roof.

And fans have even been struck by lightning outside of Raymond James Stadium. It happened in a parking lot after the Bucs played the Green Bay Packers in 2014.

That's why it's important to remember a lightning rule of thumb: if you can hear thunder, lightning is nearby and can strike. Try to get inside a building as soon as possible. If you can't, find a low spot to crouch.

During a weather alert, RJS staff asks fans to walk to a covered concourse area behind the stands, to ramps, or to walk to club areas.

Stadium officials monitor weather conditions and keep fans updated on when play will resume.