Miss Indiana worked to make her body 'curvier'

(USA TODAY) -- Miss USA contestant Miss Indiana dominated the national conversation this week as a debate raged over her "normal" and "average" body, as some viewers described it when she sashayed in a swimsuit on stage Sunday night.

Since then, Mekayla Diehl has been on a media tour talking more about her size and shape.

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Some of the highlights:

1. She actually gained weight before the show.
"Before I started training for Miss Indiana USA, I weighed around 128 lbs.," Diehl tells People.com. "Then I gained muscle mass and weighed around 135, 137 lbs. when I left for Miss USA. I didn't really worry about my weight. It's just a number."

2. She worked to make herself look curvier.
"It's so funny that people are calling me curvy because I'm naturally quite the opposite. I'm so up and down," she also told People. "I actually worked to emphasize the small of my waist to make me look a bit curvier."

3. She is 25 pounds heavier than the average Miss USA contestant.
At 5 foot 8 inches, she weighs 137 pounds and wears a size 4 dress, she tells ET. "I'm 25 and a woman, so I'm glad I look womanly."

4. The comments have made her feel good.
"I never thought that my swimsuit body would be the one that everyone is talking about. I'm not a supermodel — I'm the girl from Indiana who works at a dress shop," she tells Shape.com. "It's so inspiring to me that other girls are inspired by me. It just warms my heart."


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