Movie review: Snowpiercer

One thing I can say confidently say about Snowpiercer -- anyone who goes to see this movie will not be bored.

Overall, this movie is very good, especially in a summer filled with over-the-top, bloated action movies. (Looking at you Transformers) This movie is refreshing and feels like a bunch of movies packed together, combining post-apocalypse drama with a class warfare revolution, environmental warnings, extreme action and travel. Let's not forget, the entire movie takes place on a train.

All of humanity is on a train that has become the last refuge for an earth that is entirely covered in ice. People in the back of the train are getting restless and their leader Curtis (Chris Evans) is planning a revolt, trying to get all the way to the front of the train, into the main engine room. It is the most exciting movie about a man traveling from one end of a train to another that I have ever seen.

Of course there are obstacles along they way: locked gates that can only be opened by a drug addicted engineer (Kang-ho Song), an eccentrically evil authority figure (Tilda Swinton) and ax fights. This movie is extremely violent and yet not overly gruesome. The fight scenes are similar to a video game where you see a lot of action, but not necessarily the carnage afterwards. Although, there are some scenes with a knife that are not for the faint of heart. The movie also has moments that are surprisingly, and darkly, funny. Jamie Bell and Octavia Spencer star as fellow lower-class comrades who add humor when you least expect it.

The movie does not slow down, even at the end. The last scene is decidedly not happy but it is also the most hopeful scene in the entire movie. It's the kind of ending that leaves viewers arguing, which is always a good ending to me.

See this movie if:

  • You are okay with video-game/surreal violence
  • You think Tilda Swinton is fun to watch
  • You want to see a truly unique post-apocalypse movie without zombies

Don't see this movie if:

  • You need the hero to be a clean-cut "good guy"
  • You want an obvious happy ending
  • You hate trains


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