Movie review: They Came Together

The above line is a reference to the 1998 movie You've Got Mail. I have see this movie many, many times and I'm guessing the filmmakers of They Came Together did as well since it directly references this movie a lot. They Came Together is billed as clever look into the unrealistic and crazy ''rom-com' genre, but anyone who has watched their fair share of romantic comedies (*raises hand) has already noted these tropes and fully understand the absurdity of these movies.

I was hoping director David Wain would have new and interesting observations about the state of the romantic comedy, however, that is not the case.

The movie is about a local candy shop owner falling in love with a cooperate stooge(You've Got Mail). They don't originally like each other (You've Got Mail, 27 Dresses, any rom-com ever). But they fall in love, break-up and eventually they must each make a big choice (The Notebook, any rom-com ever). Also, the movie is being told in flashbacks by the main characters (Definitely, Maybe).

The problem is there are much weirder romantic comedy tropes that could have been utilized like the absurdity of interconnecting holiday stories (Love Actually, Valentine's Day) or falling in love with a young child in an adult body (Big, 13 Going 30). Anyone who hopes that David Wain, known for the insane cult-classic Wet Hot American Summer, would bring the same level of weirdness to this movie will be a little disappointed.

Since Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler are the leads you are guaranteed at least a few laughs during the course of this movie. Many of the funniest scenes could have made into great three minute sketches, but added together it does not equal a fully hilarious and coherent movie.

The movie isn't without some charm but it is a very broad comedy that tries to please everyone but more often than not ends up impressing no one.

Also, how did this movie not reference Clueless at least once? Opportunity missed.

Skip this movie if:

  • You are immune to the charms of Amy Poehler and/or Paul Rudd
  • You have never seen a romantic comedy
  • You need totally realistic plot lines. There is some pretty absurd stuff in the film (I just wish there was more)

See this movie if:

  • You are with a big group of friends. The silliness of the movie is better appreciated in groups
  • You want to see a lot of funny comedians in small but sometimes hilarious cameos
  • You like seeing Christopher Meloni playing a weirdo


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