Paul McCartney sings with local band

A local band, Phase5, played a party in Winter Park last Saturday and got the surprise of their lives when rock royalty Sir Paul McCartney asked to join them on stage.

"I'll never dance with another wooo."

That's right Paul McCartney former Beatle and music legend took the stage with Tampa band Phase5 at McCartney's stepson's graduation party that turned into the gig of a lifetime for lead singer Josh Walther.

"We were looking around at each other and couldn't believe it," said Walther.

Walther says it was McCartney who asked them if he could do a couple songs. The first song.. McCartney was making it up as he went.

"He just sort of made up lyrics about the graduation party," said Walther.

Then McCartney said let's do "I saw her standing there" a song Phase5 has never played.

A little tutelage from McCartney and some help from the internet and you guys were able to pull this off? "Yeah exactly he really was helping us through it he was calling out the stops in the song," Walther said.

Walther says McCartney was a very down to earth father even playing with a home video camera while they played.

Walther said, ""He even got in our drummer's face with a camera it was crazy."

And that drummer happened to be Mitchell High School band director Joel Quina.

"He was like right up on the drum set, cool experience, but I was definitely heart pounding a mile a minute you know one of the biggest rock stars in the world," said Quina.

Walther says he's always been a Beatles fan and sharing the stage with McCartney tops his gig list.

"Having him on stage is just something you can't be prepared for. In music school they don't prepare you for playing with one of the Beatles," said Walther.

Walther and Phase5 are now ready to share their stage with anyone.


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