CBS Sunday Morning schedule

Here's what will be on CBS Sunday Morning on August, 17.

COMING UP: August 17 COVER STORY: Night Stalkers

Contributor M. Sanjayan revisits his report on Kenya's efforts to stop elephant poaching to harvest ivory, most of which is sent to China.

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ALMANAC: Davy Crockett

LIFESTYLE: Love is in the Air

Rex Pemberton dons a wingsuit and races through the sky at 130 mph. Flying circles around him is his wife, aerobatic pilot Melissa Pemberton. It's all part of the air show performance they take across the country. It may sound risky, but it's actually one of the safest things this young couple does in the air. Serena Altschul profiles a death-defying love affair.

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MUSIC : "Soul Man"

Anthony Mason interviews music legend Sam Moore, who talks about his work as part of the '60s duo Sam & Dave, his start in music and where he is today.

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PASSAGE: New Words

REMEMBRANCE 1: Lauren Bacall

David Edelstein weighs in on the work of the legendary actress.


REMEMBRANCE 2: Robin Williams

Correspondent Lee Cowan looks at the life and legacy of Robin Williams and why millions of people are mourning his loss.

TRAVEL: Postcard from Iceland


Correspondent Richard Schlesinger profiles Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.), who talks about his political career, his thoughts on the country and his future.

CALENDAR: A look at the week ahead

NATURE: King's Canyon National Park in California


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