Overheating is a Silent Killer

Overheating is a silent killer that hasn't received the attention that the topic deserves. The Korey Stringer Institute was founded on the belief that heatstroke is a very serious issue. Every August the anniversary of Korey Stringer's death reminds us what overheating can lead to and highlights the awareness all sports should have.

MISSION Athletecare, a leader in thermoregulation is announcing a partnership with the Korey Stringer Institute (KSI) to shine a spotlight on the issue of heat exhaustion and pledge their commitment and resources to heighten awareness and prevention for the silent killer.

Dr. Douglas Casa of the Korey Stringer Institute and Chris Valletta of Mission Athletecare will discuss the problem of overheating, what people need to know about prevention and treatment, and how they have come together to educate people on this very real danger.

Both Valletta and Casa are committed to this partnership, not only to further research on future cooling technology, but also to spread awareness on the dangers of heat exhaustion and what people can do to prevent it. MISSION will be awarding $1M in product over 3 years to schools who demonstrate that they have met KSI's 5 pillars of Heat Safety.


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