Bats infest building at Haines City High School

Hundreds of bats have moved in and students have moved out of two classrooms.

Students have been kicked out of a couple of their classrooms tonight because of -- bats!
Haines City High School in Polk County has a creepy pest problem. Bats have taken over the rafters in the ceiling of one of the buildings. 
In the daylight, you can't really tell there's a problem at the school.  The only clue: a ladder on the roof and some caution tape.
The students didn't even know there are hundreds bats living in the ceiling of the building.  When showed the video from the school district, their reactions were interesting.  "That is kinda creepy. In my opinion that's kinda creepy." said one student. 
Another student laughed saying "It's all right, they're just bats ... as long as they don't kill you or anything." 
But when all the students are gone and night starts to fall, these nocturnal mammals come out to hunt.  It's a problem the school district has dealt with twice before and failed to fix on its own.
Right now, the district says it is affecting only two classrooms, a practice room, and band and chorus room.  Those classes have been moved to another part of the school until the bats are gone and the rooms cleaned and repaired.
"My daughter is in the choir, advanced choir and she called me from school to say she was upset that they were basically kicked out of their room,"  said Sarah Martin who was surprised when she got that phone call.  "I'm more concerned that I haven't heard from the school yet about it being an issue or any ideas on what they're going to do to fix it."
The district says it has hired a pest removal service and cleaning company to remove the bats and repair the damage to the classrooms.  It's expected to cost about $13,000 and take up to two weeks to fix. 


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