That's my baby! Save your children from digital kidnapping

Tampa, FL – It's a virtual world of role playing using your child's very real photos. People are using your precious moments to play house.

"It's like playing house online," says Lindsey Paris. Her 18-month-old son was "digitally kidnapped." Someone took pictures of him off of her blog and them to role play on their social media account.

"Totally panicked. Didn't know what they were doing and I had no idea what to do next. She was saying, 'Isn't my child so cute?' and her friends were saying, 'yah, yah, yah, I love the red hair.'" Paris says she contacted the user and the user deleted the photos. That outcome isn't typical.

Search #BabyRP or #KidRP and you'll see pictures of sonograms, babies, toddlers and children.

"Some people might see this as harmless while other people might see this as extremely creepy and I think the general public is leaning toward the extremely creepy," says Titania Jordan. She created a free app called KidsLink to help parents to protect themselves before they post.

"You can share photos, moments and documents safely without worrying about putting it all over the Internet." Jordan explain the app works by stripping pictures of private information such as your location and then allowing you to share it within your circle of trust.

What if your child's picture has already been digitally kidnapped? You can take action directly through the social media account or ask the user to delete it. You can also file a DMCA takedown.


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