Humane Society of Tampa Bay ready for animal abuse registry

A new registry may help ensure local pets have loving owners.

ST. PETERSBURG, FL -- A new ordinance in Hillsborough County cracks down on anyone accused of animal abuse.

The measure requires offenders to sign up for a registry and denies them the right to adopt.

It goes into effect November 1, so county officials aren’t wasting any time to figure out how to enforce it.

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When it comes to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, they say they’re already prepared. We spoke to Pam Bock, the director of shelter operations.

Reporter: What were your thoughts on the new ordinance?

Pam: Well, the first thought was that I’m just thrilled. I’m thrilled for the animals in the community.

Reporter: How will you guys go about trying to enforce the new law?

Pam: Well, we’ll certainly be looking up the people on the registry as we said we would, but we’ll work with animal services?

Reporter: Is there any concern with denying someone face-to-face that could be a violent person?

Pam: Well, I don’t know that it’s going to be any more of a concern to us because of the registry in this capacity than it was prior to the registry because we deny people already. If the match is not good and often times -- I mean it’s just not the right thing -- the right match for the animal, so we already deal with people that are less than happy with us turning them down.

Reporter: How important is this?

Pam: It’s big. I mean this is the Humane Society. It’s very big. Preventing abuse and neglect is something that, it’s who we are, so we’re happy that this is happening. 

Hillsborough County has had it's fair share of animal abuse cases, like with Cabela, a dog found shot and tied to railroad tracks in Sulphur Springs last year. 


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