10 things not to buy at grocery stores

(CBS NEWS) -- Grocery stores are convenient and offer nearly everything you need to make it through the week. But, that convenience comes with added cost to some items the stores know you will just grab when you're there for food items. It all comes down to a little planning.

-- Disposable diapers: Frazzled young parents need lots of items at their fingertips and likely don't have much time to shop. When you need diapers, you need diapers. But, a better deal is likely waiting at a warehouse club, some drug stores or even through Amazon.

-- Batteries: When an electronic device dies due to batteries, you need to replace them fast. That's why groceries mark them up. Again, plan a bit ahead and stock up when they are on sale.

-- Lunchables: These products contain lots of chemicals, salt and fat. But, they also are convenient and inexpensive. What's wrong with some leftovers, especially when reworked with a little creativity?


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