Marcum rebuilds Tampa Bay Storm the old fashioned way

11:01 AM, Jan 11, 2010   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida- You can hear it down the hall outside his St. Pete Times Forum office on any given morning.

"That's what I was talkin' about, that pass rush."

"We can bring thirty-five (players) to camp, " says Storm Head Coach Tim Marcum. "So we're kind of being pretty specific who we look at, kind of choosy.

Sifting through stats and highlight reels...

"This is a young man from South Florida.."

Tim Marcum and assistant Dave Ewart shape the face of the new Tampa Bay Storm. The 62-year-old Marcum is clearly in his element once again.

"Do I look happy?" asks a beaming Marcum.

He's been wearing that smile since Dec. 10 when Arena Footall-1 officially revived a seven-ring winning coach and a team that drew more than a hundred- thousand fans in 2008.

"I put 20 years of my coaching career in it," says Marcum. "So that's a huge piece. To watch it go away was pretty sad... What niche we fit is pretty good, it's pretty strong fan base. And we're just glad its back."

So even if the fans come back to support the Storm, what will make Arena Football One work when Arena Football didn't? Well, that's easy, says Marcum. He says they've learned their lesson in a big financial way.

"We won't put a 17-million dollar office in New York City. We can't afford that. We won't play our players 100-200 thousand dollars. We can't do it the economic model just doesn't work."

So Arena League One has paired it down. Players will make $1000 a game working at night practices so they can keep their day jobs. Season ticket packages start at just $50. With at least 13 former Storm players signed, you'll see a lot of the same faces when the Storm hits the field. And Marcum promises fans that, this spring, they won't miss a thing.

"It's old time arena football," says Marcum. "The way it was meant to be. And we'll go play, put on a good show. So that's what its all about. And I think that's why it'll be successful."


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