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Bank of America plane crash and Charles Bishop remembered

5:20 AM, Feb 19, 2010   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida - A man who crashed his plane into a Texas office building has brought back memories of a similar incident that happened here in the Bay area. 

On January 5, 2002, Clearwater teenager Charles J. Bishop committed suicide by crashing a Cessna 172 into the 28th floor of the Bank of America Tower in downtown Tampa.

Photo Gallery: Bank of America plane crash

Bishop attended East Lake High School in Palm Harbor. On the day of the Bank of America crash, he stole a Cessna 172, took off from a flying school in Clearwater, and flew over restricted airspace at the MacDill Air Force Base before crashing the plane into the Bank of America Tower in Tampa.

Bishop left a suicide note that was found inside the plane that showed his allegiance to Osama bin Laden and support for the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Later, Bishop's family filed a lawsuit against the makers of the acne medication Accutane. Bishop was taking Accutane at the time of the crash and the family claimed the psychosis that made him crash the plane was a side effect of the medication.  Psychosis is a known side effect of Accutane,  however on June 26, 2007 the lawsuit was dismissed at the request of Bishop's family.

Here's what the suicide note that Bishop left in the Cessna said:

First of all, Osama bin Laden is absolutely justified in the terror he has caused on 9-11. He has brought a mighty nation to its knees! God blesses him and the others who helped make September 11th happen

The U.S. will have to face the consequences for its horrific actions against the Palestinian people and Iraqis by its allegiance with the monstrous Israelis -- who want nothing short of world domination!

You will pay -- God help you -- and I will make you pay!

There will be more coming! Al Qaeda and other organizations have met with me several times to discuss the option of me joining. I didn't.

This is an operation done by me only. I had no other help, although I am acting on their behalf.

Osama bin Laden is planning on blowing up the Super Bowl with an antiquated nuclear bomb left over from the 1967 Israeli-Syrian War.

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