Tampa City Councilman Joseph Caetano owes thousands and opens new business

5:16 PM, Mar 30, 2010   |    comments
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Tampa City Councilman Joseph Caetano

Tampa, Florida -- He sits on Tampa City council and votes on the use of million of dollars in tax money at the same time his personal finances are in shambles.

Joseph Caetano filed bankruptcy last year for his hair salons and is facing foreclosure on his home after defaulting on another. Now he is opening a new hair salon in Pasco County

When we asked Caetano how he could open up a new salon when he owes people a lot of money, the councilman told us he is just a partner.

Caetano, who also is delinquent in his property taxes, says he has not put money into the salon. He told us to look at the state license.

We did and according to the Florida Department of State Corporation Division, the new salon is called the Bostonian Hair Studio and is owned by the Bostonian Holding Company. According to state records, Joseph P. Caetano is the owner of the Bostonian Holding Company.

We asked Caetano if he is the owner or part owner and he answered "Yes, sir" to both. We asked again about the bill he owes, Caetano told us he prefers not to talk about it.

While Caetano may be excited about his new hair salon in Pasco, some who are owed money by the council member aren't thrilled with the politician's latest venture.

Bob DiRaimo's company Comfort Keeper took care of Caetano's ailing wife and wants to know where the money came from. DiRaimo has more than a passing interest in that, because Caetano received insurance money to cover his wife's bills, but he didn't pay Comfort Keepers. DiRaimo says the insurance check went to Caetano and he kept the money.

Last year we also uncovered Caetano spending $2,000 on Super Bowl tickets and took his girlfriend instead of his wife.

When we tried one more time to press Caetano about the money he owes people and what he would say to them, he told us it is not his money that is being used for the salon. When we asked how he is a partner with no money, he told us, "It happens."

It also happens to irritate people who ended up on the short end of Joseph Caetano's stick.

Mike Deeson, 10 Connects

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