Prosecutors remove death penalty in lotto winner murder case

7:01 PM, Nov 10, 2010   |    comments
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  • Dee Dee Moore Before and After photos
  • Dorice "DeeDee" Moore

Tampa, Florida - The Dee Dee Moore last seen in the news wore long blond hair, now the 38-year-old's gold locks are brown and worn short. But the murder charge remains the same.   

Jailed since February, Moore is accused of killing lottery winner 42-year-old Abraham Shakespeare. Today, the prosecution says it will not pursue the death penalty.

"The prosecution is not charged with seeking the highest and harshest penalty possible. The prosecutor's job is to seek justice," explains Susan Rozelle, professor of law at Stetson College of Law in Gulfport. Rozelle adds, "My guess is there's something about the case, after having done the research, done the investigation, the prosecutor concluded something about this case doesn't merit the ultimate punishment."

In January, police found Shakespeare's body buried underneath a concrete slab in Plant City. Deputies say Moore killed Shakespeare in April 2009, then told his family and friends he was alive but in hiding. Meanwhile, Deputies say Moore stole Shakespeare's money.

Rozelle says in a case where the death penalty is pending, it's more likely the jury will come back with a guilty verdict but in a case like Dee Dee Moore where the death penalty is off the table Rozelle says it's more likely the jury will come back with a non-guilty verdict." She says a death penalty is a good plea bargaining tool, and "each party wants to be at the extreme of the position, so when you meet in the middle, the middle looks more like my position than looks like yours."

Next week the prosecution will release 61 discs filled with documents, and thousands of pages of bank records. On December 16, attorneys will decide if more documents will be released.



Isabel Mascarenas, 10 News

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