Naked reality show try-outs at Caliente

12:47 PM, Nov 15, 2010   |    comments
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LAND O'LAKES, Florida - The truth may be obscured, but their naked bodies won't be.

Aspiring reality show contestants will descend upon the clothing-optional Caliente Resort this weekend to try out for a new show called "Nak'd Truth."

Photos: Click here for casting photos and more...

Producers haven't locked in where - or if - the show will eventually be broadcasted, but their concept is to follow seven young people as they work and live totally naked in the resort.  They promise certain body parts will be "creatively shot or blurred before broadcast."

Producer Harris Salomon says he envisions the show as the next "Jersey Shore," and he's looking for "the next Snooki."

The casting call is from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Below is the full press release:

Atlantic Overseas Pictures, LLC. announced that due to the overwhelming response from the media, networks and aspiring cast to the new nude reality TV show "Nak'd Truth," the Producers have decided to stream the casting selection live over the Internet. Casting will take place on November 13 & 14 at the Caliente Resort in Tampa, Florida. All interviews for cast roles will be broadcast live from the pool deck at North America's most luxurious clothing optional Resort. Additionally, Internet viewers will be able to vote for whom they would like cast for the show. Viewership could exceed everyone's expectations, making this quite an advertiser friendly arena for those wishing to sponsor this online casting.

Producers also announced the inclusion of The Versatile Group of Hollywood, a Florida Multi-Media Production & Marketing firm. "We are excited with the opportunity and expect viewership of the casting online to reach unprecedented heights. Advertisers interested in branding their products and services alongside the online casting and eventually the show, must e-mail their inquiries to us at," says CEO, Marisela D'Baldriche, who is already negotiating with companies interested in brand placement for their health & beauty products, transportation, food and beverages for the cast.

Nak'd Truth is the world's first nude reality show. Seven young people will spend a month working and living totally naked at the Resort. The series will shoot the unfolding events as they develop, but private body parts will be creatively shot or blurred before broadcast.

During the cast selection, candidates will be asked to take off their clothes, but the Internet feed of this part of the process will be restricted to audio only. Internet viewers will be able to give a "thumbs up or down" to each candidate, enabling the producers to use this information when making their final selections.

Creator/Producer Harris Salomon said, "This will probably be the most talked about and controversial reality show ever and we think it's important to take people inside the production process to allow them to witness and actually help decide who gets chosen for the show."

Caliente VP, Debbie Bowen said she is excited about the casting and has already hired extra security to keep away uninvited sightseers and unauthorized media. "This will be a very controlled environment and we want to make sure no nudity images are released from the Resort." According to Bowen, "the best place to view the casting is at home over the Internet (on Caliente's website) and not at the Resort, which will be sealed off to the public."

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