Otter attacks Florida college student

10:33 AM, Nov 28, 2010   |    comments
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A homeowner whose dog was attacked in Boca Raton snapped this photo of the aggressive animal from inside his screened patio. The animal is believed to have also attacked at least three people.

Boca Raton, Florida -- A third person in west Boca Raton has been bitten by an otter that authorities say could have rabies.

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The latest attack was caught on video.

19-year-old college student William Gibbons was videotaping the otter with his camera phone wednesday as it swam in a lake behind his house. The otter appears harmless enough as it swims around, but then it heads for shore.

"As I was taping it, it walked out onto the rocks and onto the grass right here and then it just bit me. It was quick. It was like lightning. It just chased after me and that was it," said Gibbons.

He says the bite wasn't painful, just enough to break the skin.

Gibbons has had several rabies shots, and will need several more.

There have been reports of an otter attacking two other people and a dog in the same area.

Animal Care and Control suspects the animal has rabies because of his aggressive behavior, but won't be able to tell for sure until they catch him.

Earlier this year, two men in Venice, Florida were also injured when a "vicious" otter attacked them.  The animal was killed and tested positive for rabies. 

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