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Caught on camera: Thief is a genuine cat burglar!

3:18 PM, Feb 15, 2011   |    comments
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A camera set up by the Animal Planet show "Must Love Cats" catches Dusty the kitty in the act of stealing items from around the neighborhood.


San Mateo, Calif. -- There's a cat burglar on the loose in a California community. Neighbors know who it is, but they're not pressing charges.

That's because the thief is indeed a cat!

By day he's a house cat named Dusty, but by night he's "Klepto the Cat," or so the neighbors call him.

Photo Gallery: Dusty the cat burglar on the prowl

His owners say in the past three years, they figure he's stolen about 600 items, and he's not choosey. He'll take anything that's not locked down: towels, gloves, shoes, socks, toys. In fact, he took one pair of shoes in two trips.

His favorite thing to snag? Bathing suits left outside to dry. One neighbor watched him steal the bottoms of her bikini, then 10 minutes later came back for the top.

Animal Planet even set up a camera to capture his thefts.

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