Casanova not just a thief of hearts, but a wanted man

9:18 PM, Feb 18, 2011   |    comments
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St. Petersburg, Florida -- The old saying "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" has a whole new meaning for dozens of women across the southeast.

It was just days before Valentine's Day when they received an email from a woman they've never met, telling them that the man who stole their hearts had also taken the hearts of many other women.

The women say that man, Kent Montgomery Jr., had somehow managed to balance relationships with numerous women in at least five different states during the last few years, including Florida.

It was that one email that sent his balancing act crashing down.

"Their hearts are broken," said a woman who only wanted to be identified as "Sam."  Sam says she met Montgomery on an online dating site several years ago.

"He's very charming and he's very good looking, very intelligent," she said.

While she doesn't consider herself a scorned woman since they only dated a few months, she can understand why so many women fell for him.

He seemed, after all, to be a good catch.  He came from a good family and had a good job.

"He was a pharmaceutical salesman, so he was on the road a lot," said Sam.

Sam didn't get involved in this Casanova's quest for women's hearts until she got a call from one of his relatives after she says his antics were exposed by the email last week.

"I just want women to be aware there are men out there like this and to protect themselves," she said.

The woman who sent the email is Cassandra from Walton County, Florida.  She didn't want to reveal her last name.

Cassandra tells 10 News she met Montgomery on the online dating website

They decided to meet after a few weeks and, seven months later, he moved in.

That was just a few weeks ago.

As a Valentine's Day gift, Cassandra says she offered to buy him a new cell phone.

She says Montgomery gave her his email and passwords so she could set up the new cell phone account for him online. This is when she discovered his alleged antics and emails to about thirty different women, which included the same pictures she had received from his trips out of town.

Heartbroken, she sent a blast email to all of the women to let them know they were being played.

"Most of us are educated, highly educated.  We're not desperate for a man," Sam said.

Their lover was apparently not just a thief of the heart, but an expert at pulling at the heart strings of unsuspecting women.

Several of the women claim he told them he needed to borrow money from them to help pay medical bills for his son, who was suffering from bone cancer, or to pay for his private school tuition.

Sam says he has a son who is healthy and not in private school.

"He's taken $30,000 from one woman, $1,500, $2,500, $5,000.  All with promises he would pay them back.  He hasn't paid back a dime to these women," said Sam.

"It's true fraud and deceit," she added.

Cassandra tells 10 News she gave Montgomery $4,000 when he asked for $8,000. 

He paid her back a few hundred bucks, she said.

While authorities in the panhandle have not charged Montgomery with any criminal wrongdoing since the women gave him the money willingly and let them use their credit cards with their permission, his legal troubles are far from over.

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office in Alabama tell 10 News they've been looking for him since 2009 when a grand jury indicted him on theft and fraudulent use of a credit card.

The indictment is apparently for the theft from the pharmaceutical company he worked for and was fired from.

Authorities there say he also has an open warrant for his arrest in Florida for fraudulent use of a credit card.

We tried to track down Montgomery by calling his cell phone, but that number was disconnected.

The women have since banded together, connecting via email, texting and even a Facebook page created in hopes of finding the man who broke their hearts.

They're also hoping their story serves as a lesson to other hopeful hearts out there.

While it's hard to protect one's heart, you can at least protect your pocketbook.  A hard lesson several women across the southeast are coming to grips with.

"Nowadays, before you date anyone seriously, do a criminal background [check], I don't care who they are," said Sam.

"There are several credible companies out there, it's so easy to do," she added.

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office says Montgomery also served time in prison, which comes up in searches available for free to the public.

"I want men and women out there to know there are people out there like this.  You should never give your money to anybody for any reason.  I don't care what their story is.  Don't give your  money away.  It's hard not to give your heart away, that's just human nature, but never give your money away."

Laura Kadechka, 10 News

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